Friday, May 14, 2010

Reality Check .. Please!!

Hey Everyone,

Want a good laugh?!  Well here ya go.

I read today that Tyra Banks is "writing" a book for young adults called "Modelland".  I hate to bore you with the plot but I feel a taste of what I'm about to discuss is needed. Here is a quick little sentence explaining what she is going to "write" about.  Tyra plans to quote "Take us to a fantastical place you've never seen, or heard about, or read about before ... Where dreams come true and life can change in the blink of a smoky eye."

Umm, reality check please!! She must be living in some kind of fantasy if she thinks she call pull this off and not look more ridiculous than she already does!! You can click out of my blog now or continue to read my ramblings, because I am going to write about how furious it makes me that there are those of us (like myself) who really want to write a book one day, but know we wont stand a chance at a big book deal like she is getting, yet she ISN'T even a writer?

I guess Ms. Banks is qualified to write a book because she has the power to tell someone else what to write for her (we all know that is how it goes) and because she once graced the pages of Victoria's Secret.
Really...REALLY!??!  Oh wait, how rude of me, she also taught women how to be the best model they can be on "Americas Next Top Model" and then exposed us all to her ridiculous shenanigans on her annoying talk show, that THANK YOU BABY JESUS, isn't going to be around anymore.

I refuse to believe that this "book" will actually advance her "career". For all I know she could be a great author. However I am going to have to agree with an article The Soup did and say it's just gonna be a bunch of "Me, Me, Me" and "Blah, Blah, Blah." We all know that it will be yet another way she will embarrass herself. Have you seen her show. Let's just post a little video of a recent episode to give you an idea of the quality stuff she puts across the airwaves.

Umm, yes, that is a true story.  So can you only imagine what she will write about in this book!  Before you all call me a "hater" .. hush!  I'm not a hating on anyone. I am stating some pretty obvious facts here. She certainly is a beautiful woman and she may even have a great soul. That is great and everything ... but I still think she is really annoying and certainly doesn't deserve to have the title of "author" next to her name.

While Ms. Banks certainly thinks that she is funny, I interviewed two women who really ARE funny today. "Two Chicks from Chelsea Lately" comedy show is coming to Zanies this weekend. I interviewed both Loni Love and Natasha Neggero this morning and am even more excited to go see the show now!  I think they are both hilarious when they are on the show. I am not sure how they can beat Chelsea Handler's stand up routine that I saw a few months ago in Atlanta ... but I am willing to have a few laughs and find out :)

Speaking of good books, Chelsea Handler's books are pretty freaking amazing if you are looking for something to simply make you laugh out loud. I am only 3 chapters into "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" and it's been forever since I read her first book, but I still highly recommend all of them.

Back to the pitiful subject at hand .. to make this news worse .. it's going to be a series of books!! I am thinking of starting an "I hate Tyra even more now" fan page on facebook after this "news".  Care to join :)

Grace and Peace to you,


  1. Stacy,
    I assume that you see this post/blog as some sort of public service... however I propose that your time would be put to better use researching a dictionary, thesaurus, or bond volume of analogy. Simply put, your inability to compose thoughts into written prose is a disservice to the English speaking population of the United States. Many of these "must share" monologues would be better saved for your therapist.... perhaps he/she won't be so bombarded with the disassociated vernacular... since it will be oral form.

  2. Hello "Anonymous" ..

    What a surprise that you didn't want to share your name and contact information. Only a coward would read my PERSONAL blog and leave such a comment and NOT leave WHO you are.

    This isn't a professional blog of any sort. This is a PRIVATE blog that YOU CHOSE TO READ. It is something I ENJOY doing in my free time. I am not trying to be provide a "service for the English speaking population".

    Do tell me how you found out about my blog? Cause unless you GOOGLE my name or are a "friend" of mine on facebook or have a "friend or a friend" on facebook then you would in NO WAY know about this blog.

    This page isn't intended to be a public service. Just scroll through "blogger" and see if ANY personal blogs are a "public service". They are very self serving or fun.

    I don't push this blog in any public way except to my FRIENDS who WANT to read it and SHARE thoughts. It's for FUN. If someone reads it .. that is their choice. Just like it was your CHOICE to log on to There is certainly no way you stumbled across it :)

    I don't find researching a dictionary, thesaurus, or bond volume of analogy FUN. So I won't be doing that. I will however continue to blog even if no one ever reads it.


  3. FYI, also...I had the same issue with a rude commenter on my blog...I think this "anonymous" needs to look up the meaning of what a blog is intended to be. There is nothing more irritating than someone who decides to bash someone on a blog only to be cowardly enough to not leave his/her name.

  4. haha amelia .. it must be tyra banks mom.
    how'd she go and find my blog :-)
    wait .. was that just .. what did anonymous call it ..
    "disassociated vernacular"