Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Take Back Tuesday -- Friendship Bracelets

Hey Everyone,

I almost always have something on my mind.  Some simple topic, or ten, that I could blog about.  But most the time, as simple as they are, the subject matter requires a bit of thought and in depth writing.  I want to try to update us much as possible so more of you will visit every day, so I am going to do a few fun things each week.  It will give you a reason to come to my webpage and also get me more in the habit of writing something.

From now on, Tuesdays will be deemed “Take Back Tuesday”.  I am going to be thinking of something that takes me back to a more simple time in my life. I want you all to share your “Take Back Tuesday” moment with me too!  It may be something from when you were 2 years old maybe even 2 days ago. If it takes you back to a simple time .. then let’s share!

My Take Back Tuesday topic for today is Friendship Bracelets.  I was reminded of these on Easter Sunday when Doug’s niece Tasia was showing me what seem to be the 2010 version of the friendship bracelet.  I can’t remember what they are called. They are jelly looking and when you take them off they look like different animals?  By what she said, it sounds as if you collect as many as you can by switching and trading out with your friends. May not be the same as the Friendship Bracelets of the 80’s and 90’s but her little animal bracelets made me think of them. 

I remember making, receiving and wearing many friendship bracelets.  The history behind them is you make one for a friend and put it on them.  They make a wish and wear it until it falls off by itself, at which the wish is supposed to come true.  Seems like we always made ones that “matched” each other if I remember correctly.  I don’t remember who all I shared Friendship Bracelets with or what my wishes were, but seeing those bracelets on Tasia made me think back to the unique friendships we had as children.  

Sadly, many of the friendships that have made up my adult life have been just as fragile and replaceable as they were back then. Guess some things/people never change.  The only difference between then and now ... You can’t find a new best friend by the end of recess :-)

Grace and Peace to you,


  1. I'm a new follower to your blog, but I like it!

    Friendship bracelets..loved those as a kid. One memory I have about them is my best friend (then and now) asked me to go with her to her aunt's funeral. I went and the adults made us sit outside for part of it. We sat in the stairwell making friendship bracelets and talking about her aunt (who I knew really well too). It was a really moment.

    Something that takes me back (even though I'm reading this for the first time today, a Thursday) is ice cream trucks! They were such a part of my childhood..not even just for the ice cream, but the pure excitement of hearing the music and gathering up my siblings and/or friends and racing to the front yard! Deciding what to get, sometimes trying something new, sometimes sticking with a favorite. :) Now every time I see/hear one, I think of those simple summer days!

  2. Hey .. thanks for reading Holly.

    Who knows what you will find on here. It's just a blog about anything and everything.

    I'm out to prove the point that life is simple .. WE make it complicated. So lets see how that works :)

    I remember Ice Cream Trucks too!!!! I'll not share my memory because maybe I'll write about that this summer .. great idea!!! I will prob run out of ideas, haha, so thanks!!