Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Take Back Tuesday -- Did I Shave My Legs For This?

Hey Everyone ...

The forecast in Nashville this week calls for sunny skies and warm temps once again .. LOVE IT! As long as it's not cold, dark and dreary like TN winters tend to be ..I am good!

Here are just a few of the things I love about warmer weather .... People are in a much better mood, eating on patios, the pool, cook outs, all the beautiful green trees and flowering plants, comfy dresses, more pedicures, a great tan .. I could go on and on :-)  However, there is one thing I don't love about the bright sunshine and warmer temps and that is we wear less clothing.  I don't dislike wearing less for the "fitness factor", I hate less clothing for one reason, it's time to break out the razor and shaving gel every day instead of say once or twice a week, haha!

This "Take Back Tuesday" is dedicated to reflecting back on the very first time you .. shaved your legs :-) This is pretty specific to the ladies, but I guess you guys can share the first time you shaved your face if you really want .. hehe!

 I don't remember how old I was, but I am guessing it was just before I entered middle school or maybe early middle school .. 6th grade possibly?!  I don't remember what caused me to start begging my mom to"let me"shave my legs, but I remember bothering her every single day for weeks. She finally said "fine" and  I remember the actual "event" of shaving pretty clearly.

I locked myself in my bathroom with what I remember to be a disposable razor and thick white shaving cream.  I took my evening bath and then got out of the tub to actually do the deed.  I remember standing and propping my leg up on the wall, then on the hamper, on the side of the tub, on the vanity. I tried everything to get every little hair and NOT cut myself!!! (I was told I better not cut myself).

I don't remember being coached by anyone on how to shave, other than the basics of go in this direction, use shaving cream and don't cut yourself, ha!  I remember my method was using what seemed like an entire can of shaving cream and with exact precision shaving each and every spot on my legs .. slow and steady. As the moments passed, I can even remember my dad knocking on the door to "poke fun" at me.

When I was finally done ( I had to have been in that bathroom well over an hour, maybe two) I ran my  hands up and down my legs with a big ole smile on my face....I did it!!! My legs were as smooth as a baby's butt and I hadn't cut myself .. not even a single nick! I free of all that ugly hair and for a "tween" felt very much like a "grown up" at that very moment. 

The next day was warm and sunny.  Seems like it was summer break cause I don't remember going to school and showing off my more mature legs.  I remember sitting out on my granny's red porch swing admiring my little limbs, letting the twins that lived next door (who were two years older and likely the culprit behind me wanting to shave) feel how "smooth" they were!  I remember how excited I was when my big sister pulled in to pick me up.  I just had to let her feel what a good job I did shaving for the first time.  She was 8 years older than me, so her approval was very important ya know!  I remember her telling me I did a better job than she did  .. that they were smoother than her legs .. I felt so proud, ha!!

Funny how something I now dread was once something I begged to be able to do!  Ahhh, what a "Take Back Tuesday" moment.  Do you all remember shaving for the first time? I know, it's a silly subject, but maybe it made you smile .. it did me :)

Grace and Peace to you,

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