Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Funday

Hello Friends, Enemies, Spy's and Strangers, (HaHa) 

I have learned over the past week I have all of the above that visit my blog.  So hello to you all .. I'm sure glad you logged on no matter who you are. 

Ya know what .. I love life ... I really do.  I've certainly hated it at times. It's likely that I hated it a week ago even, but overall I really do like it and today I LOVE LIFE!!!! Why? Because it's SUNDAY FUNDAY!!

Some people like Fridays .. others enjoy Saturdays .. but Sundays are by far the best day of the week in my household. We get to catch up on rest and each other and to me that is priceless!! The work week is so busy for Doug and I, so Sunday's are the only FULL day we have to REALLY enjoy life and each other!!

What is Sunday Funday in the household of "Stoug" you ask? (That is our celebrity name by the way, haha, stacy + doug + stoug).  Really it's anything we want it to be. Some weeks it's staying in bed and/or the house all day long (literally).  Others it's going to church, sometimes it's going to visit family, maybe going for a "Sunday Drive", going shopping, catching a movie while eating an entire tub of popcorn, cleaning the house, eating somewhere yummy, etc. Speaking of food on Sunday Funday, when we first started dating we had a Sunday Funday Buffet that we enjoyed for dinner.  It was just sort of a combo of anything we wanted to eat.  Homemade baked fries, tater tots, grilled cheese, turkey burgers, chips, other junk food and sweets, etc.  Sunday Funday is SIMPLY what WE make it and I love every single second of it!!

Today, we caught up on sleep. It was our plan to not get out of our PJ's and lay in what we call "our cave" all day and all night and watch movies. I guess it's true that plans are usually meant to be broken because we ended up doing the opposite.  We opted for venturing out of the house. We ate sushi on a patio while enjoying the gorgeous sunshine. Next we went to PetSmart and loved on the homeless kitties, did a little shopping at Target, then enjoyed a "sunday drive" before going home, where we spent time sitting on what was once my granny's porch swing and talking before catching up on DVR recordings and finally falling asleep in each others arms :-)  SUNDAY FUNAY is one of the simple things that make life worth living!

Sorry for the self serving blog entry.  I said that "simply stacy" wouldn't be like that. Oh well, I didn't have anything else to write about today and figured it was better than nothing. I really am trying to make this a habit!

Maybe it wasn't totally self serving. Maybe I gave you an idea to turn your Sunday into SUNDAY FUNDAY!  If it's already part of your ritual then please share with me how you like to spend your final day of freedom before the work week begins  :-)

Grace and Peace to you,

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