Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello! My Name Is ______.

Did you know that in addition to our finger print, each and every one of us has our own unique eye and tongue print? Yup, that's a fact.

We are each, in my personal belief, hand crafted and molded the way GOD wants us to be. We may look like our dad, act like a sibling, or shake what our mama gave us, but no matter how similar we are to someone else, we are all our very own person. Kinda scary if you think about it, to have this one and only unique and special person you are in charge of maintaining and keeping intact!

I know that many of us don't like the way we were molded. If we did then plastic surgery wouldn't be a $1.9 billion dollar industry and two-thirds of American adults wouldn't be on a diet any give day. I'm not saying it's wrong to disagree with what God gave ya, we are allowed to disagree. There are many things I don't like about myself and would love to change. We don't have to like or accept the way we look on the outside.

People that criticize others for getting plastic surgery kinda tick me off. I always look at them and say, "I bet you would get braces if your teeth were crooked. If you couldn't see and hated glasses I bet you would you consider lasik eye surgery. I bet you use special creams on your face to get rid of those fine lines or some teeth whitening toothpaste." Whether it's an anti aging facial or a full face lift, there really is no difference. Bottom like is you are altering your appearance.  Some people do it for the wrong reason. Usually so that "others" will perceive them as "attractive" and I don't agree with that. I say do it for YOU if you want to do it. Regardless, no one should ever look down on someone for making a physical change they want to make. They especially shouldn't pull the "God made you how he wants you" card. True he did, but if they want to change what they are on the outside, let them!

Looking past the outside and going in, the peeve that I'm pondering today is simple. Change what you want on the outside, but why are so many people so quick to change who they are on the inside? Well maybe I shouldn't say change .. I should say "blend".

People wear these masks and peel them off to reveal one identity, after another, after another. Problem is that you can't remove those layers without removing some of your very own skin each time. I've seen these guys and girls everywhere. You are out and see them in one setting and they act and dress one way, then you see them in another setting and they act and dress another way. Or they are friends with a certain type of person and change who they are to be just like their "friend of the year". Why are so many people like a Chameleon, always trying to "blend in" to everything that is around them?

You know who I am talking about. The person in high school that was a surfer girl. Then the first couple years of college some band groupie/rock chick trying to become some singer/songwriter. Then a couple years later became a studious and preppy girl. Maybe they move and meet people with  money, so they become obsessed with luxury fashion and trends. Then you see them the next year they are wearing flowers in their hair and are miss world peace. Hello! My name is .. oh wait .. I have been to busy trying to be everyone that I am around THAT I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM!

I get that people go through "phases". I'm not talking about phases. We all went through periods of discovery or tried a new trend. Sometimes life changes and we have to alter where we are. I am talking about people that just have no identity. The people who float through life on someone else's cloud. Seriously, we make life hard enough on ourselves, adding impersonation to the mix is just way too much effort, don't ya think?

I know that sometimes it's insecurity that gets the best of us. But honestly, I am sick of that excuse. We are ALL insecure and all a little bit crazy. Most people try to be the person they are hanging out with, or dating, because they feel they have to do that to be accepted? But why?! If you have to change or blend for them to want to hang out with you maybe you don't need them as friends or significant others. The best thing about my few friends is that I can pretty much say no two are alike!

If everyone were the same life would so boring. Let's try to embrace who we are! If you don't know who you are then make it your goal to find yourself and then stay true to that person! Which I am hoping is a good person .. if not .. I give you permission to change :-)

You were born original. Don't die a carbon copy!

Grace and peace to you,


  1. It's not as extreme as plastic surgery but it took weight loss and a makeover to make me feel comfortable in my own skin.

  2. Yeah Frank! We all have something we want to do to better ourselves in our own eyes. I hate when people put people down for having things like plastic surgery! Do what ya gotta do to make YOU feel good and be comfy .. but no matter if you are overweight or skinny .. never lose track of the PERSON you are! I hate fake people. so bad.