Sunday, February 25, 2018

#PrepWithPurpose - My Sweet Lisa

Hey Friends,

You are reading this.
Which means you have eyes that allow you to see.

This will be what I'm most grateful for the next few days and what I ask you to focus on as well as we LIFT UP AND FOR someone that is undergoing an eye surgery this week.

I know that it's easy to find motivation and empathy when a story tugs at your heartstrings the way that las weeks person does (if you missed it you can read it HERE.)

But not every person featured in my little project will be a child, or a child with cancer, or someone experiencing disease, or some extreme trauma. That doesn't mean they don't need prayer and what they are going through shouldn't provide us with motivation and a reminder to be GRATEFUL for our ability to do what they can't.

I rarely know the person that I feature in

But this week I not only know the person ... she is one of the most important people in this world to me. She is one of my best friends

In fact, she is one of the ONLY friends I have that checks in on me, calls me, texts me, stays in contact with me. She was my only friend/family to come to Vegas to watch me compete in Olympia!

She is hands down one of the (if not the) most selfless people that I have ever known.

Her name is Lisa. She is a fellow competitor, an amazing mom and just recently left her stable job to follow her PASSION of helping others become THEIR physical best.

On Monday she goes in for what may sound like a simple procedure on her eye, but it has risks and it's a big deal to her. She has some extreme anxiety about the procedure, the risks, the possibility of pain and of course the days/weeks that will follow where she will be restricted from working and training (she has a show to start prep for and as mentioned her job is training others.)

So please join me this week in LIFTING UP AND FOR my sweet Lisa. Especially Monday morning (2/26) which is when the actual procedure takes place.


Lisa has a spot on her eye called Pterygium. From what I gather this is (in short) abnormal tissue.
She is having Pterygium removal surgery to hopefully remove it.

While it is a minimally invasive procedure .. there is the possibility that the spot will stay red forever and of course any of the "extremes" they must warn about (blindness, etc.)

We will be praying that her anxiety is lifted (she has to be awake and they have to clamp her eye open) and that not only is her recovery fast .. but that the Pterygium does NOT return after this procedure!


When I open my eyes each day I will be thankful that I can see the beauty that surrounds me.
I will not take my vision for granted.
I will take a little bit longer to focus on God's canvas -- the colors, shapes, textures, etc.

With every rep and every step I will be lifting up and for my sweet Lisa.
I can see. I can move. I am ALIVE and WELL.

Lisa is being forced to take it easy... yet I KNOW she would give anything to be up and active!

I hope you join me I lifting up this sweet girl. She is a rare one. She would do anything for anyone .. let's do something for her!

As always, if you have anyone that you think would be a great fit for PREP WITH PURPOSE .. email me!


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