Friday, December 1, 2017

#30ForTheKids Christmas Challenge

 Hey Fit Fam,

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that last week I talked about the "wait till the new year" mindset many people have and how BAD of an idea this is. I gave a few tips that may help you get a JUMP START to any fitness goals you have in mind. You can check out the post HERE.

Here is a way you can get in THIRTY minutes of EXTRA ACTIVITY in for the next 30 days and also GIVE BACK to those in need.

My sponsor, 1st Phorm, is doing something called the #330forthekids challenge!


Take 30 minutes of your time, for 30 days, donate $30 to help support less fortunate families and get a jump start on 2018.

To participate, you must do the following:

Donate $30 to the go fund me account (CLICK HERE)

Share this Photo on any of your social media platforms (Instagram, Instagram Story, FB, Twitter, etc.)
Please @ mention ME (@stacymccloud) so I know you are participating!!!

Tag @1stphorm

Use #30forthekids #1stphorm and #iam1stphorm hashtags

The daily workouts you can choose from:

30 minutes on the stair master
100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, & 300 air squats
Run 3 miles.

Choose one of the 3 workouts above for the next 30 days. While 1st Phorm doesn't say you can "modify" these workouts .. I'm sure they will allow it! Ha!

For example .. if you are NEW to fitness I wouldn't suggest RUNNING 3 miles. Walk, Jog or do a combo of the two. Or if you can't do the step mill for some reason ... pick another piece of cardio equipment. You can always MODIFY push-ups to be "assisted" with knees on the ground. You can also do these push-ups/sit-ups/air squats as "super sets" with the workout you are already doing. So instead of RESTING between training sets .. throw in sets of the above until you have done them all!

If you miss a workout during the 30 days, it cost you $5 penalty (payable to the Go Fund Me page)
If you don’t join by Dec 2nd at midnight, buy in fee is an extra $5 (tack it on to your $30 on the Go Fund Me Page.)
((obviously honor system is in effect here))

Grab your friends, lets kit fit and help! Participating in this challenge is not only a great way to give back and spread Christmas joy, but you will also prevent some unwanted pounds and get a jump start to a more fit healthier version of you in 2018.

The goal is to raise 20k this Christmas to give to a variety of charities and adopt local families in need.

We are going to need everyone’s help to make it happen!

TO PURCHASE 1ST PHORM SUPPLEMENTS with FREE FAST SHIPPING and 110% money back you can use my athlete link ---
But please EMAIL me first so we can see what products will work best or YOU and YOUR needs! You do need to use the link with each order to get the free shipping!

MY CURRENT 1ST PHORM STACK -- as of 12/1/17:
MicroFactor - EVERY MORNING!
Adrenal Restore - 2x a day (I am doing an adrenal reset. More on this coming soon.)
GDA - with first meal of the day and/or any really high carb meal
Creatine OR AlphaCre - PreWorkout (I'm doing NON stim preworkout during the adrenal restore)
Phormula-1 & Ignition - Post Workout
BCAAS - 1 scoop in my gallon of water that I drink each day. Also sometimes IntraWorkout.
Level  1 - in various amounts at different times of day in things like my Breakfast Cake, Protein Ice Cream, Smoothie Bowls, etc.
Glutamine - 5g 2-3x a day for recovery and GUT HEALTH
OptiCore, Night T or an of the other 1st Phrom sleep aids - 45 min before I want to go to bed

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