Tuesday, August 30, 2016

#PrepWithPurpose -- Repeat and Request

Hey Guys

Been a few days. This is NOT by choice. It makes me super sad and has really affected my motivation level. Last time I had a PREP WITH PUROSE was Saturday when I lifted up and for a young man and campaign called HOPE 4 Adam. Nobody is sending me anything, my searching has resulted in no ideas and every time I find someone asking for prayer on FB and ask them to send me details .. they don't. So I decided to take a couple days and just ... wait for something to come about.
I do have one very special one I'm working on for later this week (waiting on a few more details) but other than that .. nothing. Yesterday was a REST day so I didn't need "someone" .. but I did Sunday and I do today!!!

Honestly..... I've taken the past couple days to kinda pray about me and my life a little bit. I am faced with what seem like silly decisions .. but it is important to me. I am having a REALLY hard time picking my next show. I had full plans on waiting until the end of September. But I'm so far ahead of the game and am actually trying to GAIN some weight (was too conditioned at my last show) ... so it would be easy for me to step on stage next Saturday. That said ... part of me is enjoying the break from the stress of booking shows and all the travel  .. but the other part of me wants to get started a little earlier than planned! If I do well .. that means I can go into a FULL ON off season a little earlier than planned. But then there are lots of factors that have me leaning toward just waiting. I go to the doctor on Friday for this random little injury I had pop up when sprinting (which I've not tested to see if it's still there because HIIT has been cut out for over 2 weeks) .. budget is a BIG one (our Nashville house still hasn't sold and these shows are expensive) and timing (we have friends coming in town for Olympia, my husband is slammed getting the stage ready for the show and I'm working backstage doing interviews again this year so have some research to get started on.) Prep doesn't bother me ... since this is a LIFESTYLE for me and I DO NOT believe in extremes ... it only means a little else food and usually little more cardio. But now that all my HIIT cardio has been cut .. it really doesn't bother me, lol! It's the travel, logistics and $$ that make it a "burden" .. if you wanna call it that. But this show I'm looking at is only a ONE hour flight! See why I'm tempted?! Anyway .. gonna spend today trying to listen to my instincts ... look for some signs from God and try to not stress about it. But I do have to decide by days end and if you know me then you know decision making is my ultimate WEAK point!! So maybe pray for me too, lol?!

Since part of NOT stressing and focusing on what is in front of me means not spending endless hours online searching for people for this project ... I'm just going to do a REPEAT of my last Prep With Purpose from Saturday.  I noticed that blog hits were VERY low this weekend. Which means that nobody was really logging on and reading about our last person. I think it's worthy of a repeat considering that Adam's campaign could not only save HIS life .. but THOUSANDS of others!!!

Please read about it HERE. In the meantime .. if you have seen someone asking for prayer for any kind of urgent or ongoing physical reason (they can be young, middle aged, older. it can be for any physical reason) .. please email me at simplystacyfitness@yahoo.com and include ALL details that can help me write up an entry and a picture or link with pics (if possible.)

Today is lower body MAX effort day. I"ll be lifting heavy and praying for Adam and this campaign!


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