Friday, August 7, 2015

North Americans .. I'm coming for you.

Hey Fit Fam,

I was having a really tough time trying to decide if I should compete in North Americans the 1st weekend in September in PA ... wait until the Fall and only do Nationals in Miami ...wait until next year...or maybe not even compete at all.

While I am a "list person" ... I don't typically write out my pros and cons when making a decision because it really doesn't matter in the end.  I'm a horrible decision maker ... period. But for the sake of a blog ... here we go. These were my "pros" and "cons"

*I've already been in front of the judges 3 times in 4 weeks and done decent. I'm a familiar face now and it is highly likely that I'll have many of the same judges again. This is a good thing since I can't do local shows where National judges ... are judges (there aren't many in my region)
*I am stage ready. Less of a prep.
*I've already competed at this venue and am familiar with the room, stage, etc.
*The promoter for this show is very organized and it's a one day show. It's done pretty fast.
*I get to do both Masters and Open (so I do pay two very expensive entry fees ... but only pay for travel expenses once)
*There is always a chance and if I don't do it there is one thing that IS certain ... I won't get my Pro Card or advance myself in this sport.

*My husband can't go. I will be 100% solo. I've never done that before. Not having his support will be really tough.
*Money ... money, money, MONEY!!!!  **let me elaborate on this one. I have already spent THOUSANDS of dollars this season alone and about to spend about 1k more. With all that money I could go on a NICE vacation and buy myself that IWatch or FitBit Surge I've been dying to get.  I could pay for my PT and Nutrition certifications ... which would allow me to do what I want to do (eventually) and that is offer online training and some limited one-on-one training.
*Do I really even stand a chance? I mean of course I have faith and I use positive affirmations in my life. I know anything is possible. But I've not received any feedback from my judges so it's hard to know where they want me to improve! Oh and this show allows competitors from Canada and Mexico. They already lean toward that exotic look (this isn't my opinion. it's a fact. lol)  so double whammy with all those gorgeous girls from Mexico coming in to compete, lol!  SO what I am saying is .... is their even a slight chance I'll do any better than the Top 10 I've been getting?
*Packing -- enough said, lol! But this time packing will be even more difficult since I'll REALLY have to simplfy since I"m sharing the room with so many girls.

In the end I decided to do it. I don't want to have ANY regrets this season. I am also doing something VERY different this trip and sharing a room with strangers! THREE other girls to be exact. So that should be interesting to have 4 bikini competitors in ONE room trying to get ready, prep, etc!! But hey ... it will be different and I'll get to meet some new fit friends!!

What are some of the factors you guys take into consideration when deciding to do a show?
Especially National shows? I feel like I've made some bad decisions about WHAT shows to do and really regret not doing the Junior shows earlier in the year. But ... can't go back!! Gotta push forward.

I have an amazing coach that helps keep me healthy. He is the best at that and I've loved using his Flexible Dieting/No Depletion approach. That is where he is a guru .. but he isn't a npc bikini guru that can guide me as to what shows to do, etc. There are always positives and negatives when deciding who to work with. You have to decide what is most important to you and for now the nutrition aspect of my prep is the most important to me!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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