Friday, May 22, 2015

Sweet Potato Pizza

Hey Fit Fam,

I know, I know, sweet potato and pizza do NOT sound like an amazing combo. But this pizza I experimented with today is hands down my FAVORITE healthy homemade single serving pizza that I have ever made!

I think I'm going to put this on my daily menu next week! To save time I will probably make a few and freeze them so I can pop them in the oven already made!!


* Cooked sweet potato (I used 3oz cooked for this meal. However you should use however many ounces cooked that you need for that meal to fit your personal macro needs)
* 1/4 cup High Protein Unflavored Baking Protein (You may need more if using more potato, etc. I used Quest brand for this. But you could also use a healthy flour like almond flour. I personally needed the protein and not the extra carbs at this meal. So I chose this one.) 
* 1 egg white (may need 2 if you are using more potato and baking flour/powder) 
* Flavor God PIZZA Seasoning (This isn't available anymore. It was limited addition. So if you don't have it, simply use a combo of italian/garlic type seasonings that you would find in pizza/pasta recipes) 
* Pinch of Baking Powder (I didn't measure. It was probably like 1/8 of a tsp) 
* 1/4 cup FRESH Pizza Sauce (You may need more if you are using more macros than above. I used Trader Joe's brand. The Macros are GREAT and this is the best tasting sauce I've ever had. So much better than canned, etc. I found it in the fridge section.) 
* 1/4 cup low fat shredded mozzarella (may need more if you are using more crust ingredients) 
* 1 serving ( 3 pieces) of Trader Joe's Canadian Bacon (Add more if need more macros. Also other lean meats will work. But this one is SO SO GOOD with this combo and has excellent macros)
*Olive Oil Spray (for pan to cook bacon in and waffle maker)
* Optional ... Veggies. (I used banana peppers .. because I love them and it really added to the flavor combo of this meal) 

**Mix the flour, baking powder, seasonings and egg white in a bowl.
** Add in your baked sweet potato (I put mine in my nifty potato bag that I love and baked it in microwave. Keep in mind what you measure RAW will NOT be the same as what you measure cooked. I always measure cooked.) 
** Mash and mix together well with a fork
** Pour patter into a heated and greased (olive oil spray) waffle maker. Leave alone and turn on high. Let it get as crispy as it can get!!
** Cook your Canadian bacon on the stove . Or prep whatever meat it is you are using (I cooked the canadian bacon in a pan. This took maybe 2 min. I used some spray olive oil) 
** Take your cooked pizza waffle and put it on some aluminum foil. Add on sauce, cheese, meat of choice (I used canadian bacon because the macros are CRAZY good for this one I used and the combo of that meat and the sweet potato was AMAZING) and veggies of choice (banana peppers on this was so good). 
** Put it in a heated 425 oven until cheese melts!!!

Notes:  My crust came out softer than I wanted. So I actually put the "waffle" in the oven for like 5 min before adding the toppings. I took it out and then added toppings and put it back in till cheese melted! That helped...but it still wasn't a "crispy" crust. If you don't have a waffle maker you could JUST make the crust in the oven!  The waffle maker is just SO fast!!!  I think I'll try it in the oven next time though .. will probably turn out crispier that way!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.
Stacy :)

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