Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Move Over Chipotle: Homemade Spicy Chicken Black Bean Bowl

Hey Fit Fam ...

At one point in my life (not very long ago) the following was an order I placed rather often:
Naked chicken burrito bowl, black beans, rice, pico, salsa and maybe a side of guacamole.

Chipotle and Qdoba were both a "healthy" staple for me. I had it at least once a week and would eat it ALL. But not anymore! That meal would be considered a "healthy cheat" for me these days and would really only be something I would do if I were to be out and about and not have any food with me.... and I wouldn't eat it all. I would only eat 1/2 and save 1/2 for 3 hours later. I would also likely double the chicken (because I think they give you only 4oz), only get rice or beans (not both) and guac would depend on my fat needs for the day.

I'm not saying that particular meal (or even the old version) is "bad" or not okay to eat when you are trying to eat healthier -- it totally is!! It is no doubt a BETTER option than getting some cheese filled burrito, sour cream topped quesadilla, etc. So please don't think that you are doing something "wrong" if you were to have that. It's totally a great option for lunch on the go!! At places like this the key is opting for NO add ons like cheese or sour cream and also sticking to a naked bowl instead of a high carb filled burrito.

Personally, I just don't eat out anymore except for my ONE splurge meal each week. I stick to a strict (but filling, balanced and delicious) plan for every other meal for the the rest of the week -- yes even in "off season".  Why? Well it's a lifestyle for me and eating small meals (in which I know exactly what I am eating) is just easier and works for me and MY goals/needs. Since I eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours .. a large meal like that wouldn't work. Also, their chicken has a lot more fat than I would typically allot for chicken. Other than that .. it's an overall SMART CHOICE! So again, I'm not saying you "shouldn't have it" .. what I am saying is this here bowl of goodness that I made at home tasted MUCH better -- and I know exactly what is in it!! So unless I'm just craving Chipotle or Qdoba .. there is no reason to eat it!

This bowl of goodness was simply - extra lean ground turkey (however I also use plain baked chicken), one serving of black beans (that I put in a container and marinated in lime juice, cilantro and Flavor God Garlic Lovers Seasoning when I meal prepped for the week), some peppers, mushrooms and asparagus.
All this food came out of individual containers that I had already pre-cut/washed/prepared on meal prep day! For example - I had already pan cooked the mushrooms, steamed the asparagus, chopped the peppers, baked the chicken/made turkey, etc. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I do this type of prep so I can change up how each meal tastes if I want to!! Plus, I just find it easier than putting each individual meal into containers - mainly for space reasons in the fridge - but also because I meal prep for two! So I put everything in big containers or gallon ziplock bags and take out and measure per meal! If I am gonna be on the go the next day .. I'll portion out my meals into my 6pack containers the night before.

Back to the recipe --- I just put it all in a skillet with some olive oil spray, seasoned with more Flavor God Garlic Lovers and some Siracha! Keep in mind all the food was already cooked/prepped - so it only took a few mins to get warm! I  then just put it in a bowl and added a serving of Wholly Guacamole brand Pico/Guac mixture and a tiny little bit of my FAVORITE condiment -- Kroger brand Hot Sweet Mustard! Sounds like an odd mix .. but O M G .. it was SO GOOD!!! I tried a bite without the mustard and it was amazing alone .. but out of curiosity I wondered what it would taste like with the mustard --  YUUUMMMY!

You could probably throw it all in a bowl and just heat in the microwave. But I was home so I chose to do it on the stove. I think it gives it a different taste! For meals like this, if you KNOW you want to have it everyday, making a bunch of servings back to back and putting them in individual containers would be a good idea. You would just go ahead and measure out each ingredient and make it stove top one-by-one ... and then just put into individual containers so you don't have to get out a pan again that week if you want!

I'll be having this everyday this week ... and maybe next :) It was that good!!! It would of course also work with rice -- but I find the beans much more filling!

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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