Friday, April 3, 2015

New 1st Phorm Ladies Apparel Available NOW

Hey Fit Fam,

When I went to St. Louis for the 1st Phorm Athletes weekend I had a chance to model and take home all the new 1st Phorm apparel out for spring/summer.

I've been testing it out for a couple weeks and I haven't worn anything else to the gym since!! I LOVE it all! It's comfortable, modern, durable and everyone will ask you "What is Legion Of Boom" or "What does Never Settle stand for" -- great way to tell everyone about our amazing #Phamily!!!!

I love it ALL!!! But just wanted to let you know what my favorites are and also how I feel the sizing runs (on me anyway.) You can click on the NAME of each product to order!

Generation 1P Sports Bra -- This is a pretty standard fit and would be IDEAL for bustier women because the scoop is a little higher! It has excellent support, very comfy and is very durable! The Never Settle on the back is so cute and when I wear lower cut shirts you can see the 1st Phorm logo on the front - I LOVE THIS ONE! I am a 32 C and wear a SMALL.

Never Settle Mesh Back Sports Bra -- THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!! It is comfortable and so so different! It scoops down a lot lower than the Generation 1P Bra. While I do have a "chest" .. I am not super busty .. but I do need support and this certainly still has that while being a little bit "lower" in the front! I don't workout in a sports bra alone .. but if I did this one would be perfect! So stylish!

Women's 1P Capri Pants -- These are great! They are like "compression" pants so they are ideal for lower body days. The fabric isn't thin so no worries about it being "see through" while doing those good mornings, etc :) The thing I noticed most about these pants was the "feel" .. they are SO SOFT compared to other compression pants. I am short .. and have very muscular legs and a booty .. the small still fit just fine! They are tight (and higher in the waist btw), but they are compression pants .. so they are suppose to fit tight! Also they were very breathable when I was all soaked in sweat!

Women's Full Length Phit Pants - Same review/fit as above. These are just FULL length. I am a shortie so they are a little longer on me (I am 5 1 1/2) But the don't bunch up in an ugly way at the bottom. They are great regardless of height!

Women's LOB Leggings - BUY THESE PANTS!! Lol! They are the most comfy "leggings" and are perfect for upper body days, cardio, running errands, etc. They are a thinner material (but not super thin .. great quality and not see through.) But since they are thinner (not compression type material) as with any "leggings" .. I'd be careful using them on days you are bending over a ton, lol :) SMALL is what I wear and they fit perfect. No pinching in the waist .. they hit at a good spot .. so they are very flattering!!! Buy some!!

Women's Never Settle Capri Pants -- Hands down these are MY FAVORITE of all the apparel. They just fit so great, the fabric is so comfortable and I LOVE the Never Settle slogan down the side!! If I could wear these everyday I would, lol! Fits true to size .. I wear a small!

Women's 1P Performance Shorts -- It's been cold here in Nashville so I've not been able to wear these to the gym much yet. BUT I work them for a home workout and have been wearing them around the house. They fit like the 1P pants and Capri's ... but are shorts :) SO they are compression shorts and fit like compression shorts. I took a SMALL home with me but am kind of wishing I had a Medium. Here is the reason though ... I have a booty .. a decent sized one (lol) .. so they are a little "short" in the rear. If your tush is on the flatter side .. stick with small. If not .. I'd go up a size maybe :) Just my little input!

SO there ya go! Go buy yourself some new gym clothes and represent our amazing #Phamily!! And don't fogey to use the HASHTAGS (listed when you follow the links) when you wear yours .. you will automatically get featured on the webpage!!!! How cool is that!!

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