Sunday, March 1, 2015

Muscles & Music: "Around The Worlds"

Workout Demo from Stacy McCloud's Leg Day. Mixing it up with a variety of squats called "Around The Worlds" 

Hey Fit Fam,

When I enter my OFFICIAL prep for my next show my workouts will be a little more structured from week to week, but for now I am really enjoying mixing things up and doing different things every time I go to the gym! While I may do some of the same staples each week, I always switch things up by adding in a few different exercises, that way my workouts are never exactly the same. It not only keeps my muscles guessing -- it keeps me from being bored!

In this installment of Muscles & Music I am taking you waaaaaay back with the music! Think Mariah Carey, Missy Elliott, Backstreet Boys, etc. It is mixed by a good friend of mine that is a kick a$$ DJ. As for my workout, I am incorporating a variety of squats in one big super set, which also gave me a bit of a cardio workout as well!

MUSIC -   Rod Youree SoundCloud #TBT Mix.  This will throw you back for sure! I loved it!

WORKOUT -  "Around The Worlds" are simply a big super set of squats done in various "stances" back to back with no rest. You will straddle a bench (the lower it is to the ground the better) and since I am short I stood on boxes. I wish the boxes could have been taller, but these were all that were available at my gym at the time. The reason for a lower bench and/or boxes is so you can go deeper in your squat -- the deeper the squat the better the burn :) You will want to sit all the way down because this makes it harder, just do NOT rest when you sit!  I did 4 big super sets and did 20 of each type of "squat" -- adjust this based on your fitness level but the idea is to make this a workout that gets your heart rate going! So even as a beginner, if I were you I would aim for 20 reps of each (except the single leg, I did 10 of each leg on that) and no weight, then work up to adding weight! Also, not shown oon the video .. I added in 20 (one count is each leg) of "Side Skaters" at the end of the 4 squats, done at a fast pace! Since we forgot to film this part, here is a link that can show you how to do Side Skaters. 

Around The Worlds 
Using a low bench (straddle), boxes (if needed in order to go deeper) and weight (optional) 

Normal Stance x20
Feet together (I placed mine slightly forward) x20
Wide Sumo x20
One Leg x10 each leg
Side Skaters x20 (one count is once you have gone to each side) 

Rest 30-60 seconds and repeat (I did 4 sets)

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