Friday, December 5, 2014

The Black Sheep of the #FitFam

Hey Fit Fam ...

I love this meme I found! It was just the set up for a "blog rant" I've been wanting to go on for a LONG time.

Like all families .. there is always someone that is (how do I say this) .... the black sheep. You know, those family members whose actions embarrass you, so you don't want to claim them as yours, haha. That is exactly how I feel about the #FitFam. You all know I love everything about this industry. But there is one exception.

It seems a good 8 out of 10 "fitness" pictures of people claiming to be part of our #FitFam are nothing more than a half naked girl/guy in some sexy pose. Then if you go to their page, I'd bet $100 that one of the the next pictures is a recent shot from what they claim is a "fitness photo shoot". Ummm no .. you standing with your top off (covering your boobs) giving the camera "bedroom eyes", or laying on a floor with your back all arched wearing pretty much nothing "gym" related except maybe some Nikes, or laying in a bed with your butt in the air -- those are NOT pictures that would be in Oxygen or Muscle & Fitness!! What about those pictures say ... I'm a fitness competitor/model and you should take my fitness journey seriously -- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! Is it too much to ask to please separate your obvious desire to be a lingerie/playboy/playgirl model from our industry?

Maybe It seems like I'm being judgmental .. but I'm not trying to be. I mean each their's their page!! It's just that (to me) these particular people that claim to be part of the #FitFam, specifically the NPC and IFBB, are the very people that not only give our sport a bad name, but in my opinion don't take it seriously themselves. Maybe they do .. but how can I feel that they do, when they post stuff like that?! It comes across like they care more about getting followers, likes, comments and a pat on the back for being "sexy" than living and promoting a FIT lifestyle. Lets be honest .. whether they will admit it or not .. thats all the #FitFam is for a HUGE majority of people. It's not a sport to them .. it's not a lifestyle .. they simply use it as an "acceptable way" to post sexy pictures so that they can possibly be an Instagram celebrity .. or get some kind of attention they obviously crave for whatever reason.  I wish that part of the judging criteria could be  your "social media posts", haha. It would certainly weed out A LOT of people that tend to use this sport as a platform for .... "other" things.

So many people say they don't understand what it is we do. They will say to me..."how was your bikini competition" or "how is your "bikini modeling going".  Ugh .. that is SO insulting!! I want to scream -- I'm not in "bikini competitions"!!! I'm not a "bikini model"!!! Not that there is anything wrong with that .. but I didn't start doing these NPC fitness competitions to be looked at as a girl that vainly competes in a skimpy bikini to see who has the best body.

I can't blame the majority of people for thinking that though.  I mean .. one search for #fitness or #fitfam on Instagram and you will see more girls in their bra and panties claiming they are showing off "booty gains" than you do of girls in gym clothes/posing suits simply posting their progress, a healthy recipe, or killing it in the gym in a normal tank top and shorts!  Heck .. some girls even make their workouts look trashy! I just DO NOT GET IT!

Am I saying it's wrong to post progress pics? No .. of course not!! But it's HOW some people post them that not only make me cringe .. but make me not want to open my Instagram in public. My husband and I have had many chats about this. About how we are hesitant to open Instagam in public because we are afraid of what may pop up.  I mean .. how do you explain to someone that the guy only holding a washcloth to cover his "goods" is really just trying to show his ab progress. Or that an extreme close up of a girl only in her thongs, bent way over, sticking out her butt, leaving VERY little to the imagination... is simply someone trying to show their glute progress. I'm sorry .. but I refuse to sit back and "accept" that we are allowing this sport to be shamed in this way :-(

I actually have people fuss at me for not posting enough "booty shots" -- since people seem to think it's my best "asset" (lol).  But I just don't like doing it.  It just seem so "showy" and "sexy" .. instead of encouraging and athletic. Posting stage pictures are one thing (however I've really had to warm up to posting those shots) because we wear those tiny suits not so we can show off our rear in a thong -- but so that we can be properly judged on our glute development!! There is also nothing wrong with the occasional TASTEFUL #HumpDay shot. But if we want people to take us seriously .. then we have to think about how we present ourselves.

I know I'm just one voice .. but if you agree .. do your part and speak up as well! I know it won't change anything .. but maybe it will encourage these girls/guys to think twice before they post pictures that make our sport lose the integrity it deserves. How can we be motivators .. how can we encourage people .. if they are only going to see us as trashy??

I normally end my posts with "Eat Clean. Train Dirty" .. today I think I'm just going to say ..

Respect Yourself. Respect The Sport.

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