Monday, December 1, 2014

Invest In Your Health -- #CyberMonday

Hey FitFam ..

While many searched the web for the best #blackfriday and #cybermonday deals for things like appliances, electronics, clothes, etc. I searched for things I use in my everyday #FitLife! While the staples we should be buying aren't ANY more expensive (fruits, veggies, meats) ... some of the "extra" stuff really can put a dent in your wallet!! I was stoked to get anywhere from 15-50% off some of my staples! Here is a list of a few of the ones I decided to stock up on thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals!!

1st Phorm -- My nutrition shop I frequent (Mid 10 in Nashville) had a Black Friday sale ... so I was able to get some stuff I am out of -- like 1st Phorm Ignition and Level One -- at a slight discount! I've been eyeing 1st Phorms webpage ALL DAY hoping that they have a sale themselves .. but they don't seem to be having one. I should have stocked up even more .. but due to limited funds and limited cabinet space ...we just went with what we are out of!  I'm sure I'll regret that in 2 weeks when we are out of Phormula One :(

Flavor God -- These are by far my absolute favorite seasonings. Go to the webpage and see for yourself why. But they are all natural and have very very very little sodium! They just came out with a PIZZA flavor and I can not wait to try it!! The everyday spicy is my favorite!! These are great for contest prep obviously -- but we use them all the time!

Quest Nutrition -- If you have read previous blogs you know that I rave about Quest Bars (specifically heated in the oven .. or microwave in a pinch). The webpage has 25% off and FREE SHIPPING TODAY!! I rarely ate them during contest season unless I was in a major pinch .. but am going to be using one here and there in recipes during off season .. so I bought the NEW flavor that I can't get in stores yet -- S'Mores!!! I can not wait to try one! I also got some of their chips. If you haven't had them they are AMAZING!!! They are also a great alternative if you are on the go and are going to miss a meal (better than nothing for sure). But I plan to have them as a "side". With 24 grams of protein (a lot for me for one meal) .. I'll probably have them with something that was off limits during contest prep .. like maybe a healthy grilled cheese using GF bread!  If your nutrition shop is having a sale -- you can get them there and you don't have to wait! I just went with the webpage because that is the only place you can purchase the new flavor .. AND because I can get the chips in an 8 count box for a tad cheaper! Oh and BBQ .. they are the best flavor :) **was just informed by someone that GNC has 40% off! Much better deal if you aren't (like me) and only wanting that new flavor**

Muscle Egg -- THANK YOU to NutriShop in Murfreesboro! I was under the impression Muscle Egg wasn''t included in their big progressive sale today since it wasn't included at other NutriShop locations .. then a fellow #FitFam friend told me the Murfreesboro location was honoring it!! Whoo hop!!!! So I was able to call them before 3pm, which means I still got 25% off -- yaaaayy!! We go through egg whites (and especially Muscle Egg) almost like water at our house, haha. I use this to make mug cakes, waffles, crepes, in smoothies, in coffee. My husband uses it in his morning and evening waffles as well. It is the most amazing stuff EVER .. especially for crepes!  But it is a tad $$$. So I often just use ONE serving of this mixed with my regular ole egg whites to make it last longer! I wish I had an extra freezer to store it in and I would have purchased a dozen gallons! But I settled for two (vanilla and strawberry) because that is all we have room for and all we will use before it expires (you can freeze it for a long time .. but once in the fridge I think it's within like 45 days you need to use it). Muscle Egg webpage is offering Free Shipping as well! I've tried ALL the flavors and ALL of them are good .. but we have found that the Vanilla mixes with EVERYTHING and the Strawberry is just THAT good! Level 1 Strawberry Milkshake .. with Strawberry Muscle Egg .. OMG! Also Strawberry Muscle Egg Crepes .. okay .. I need to stop .. I'm making myself hungry!

I also saw that several of the fitness gear pages and competition suit pages were having sales! We own several 6 Pack Fitness bags - but if you don't - they are having a killer sale as well!

Where did you find a FIT SALE?!?! Please tell us -- we still have a few hours to shop :)

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

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