Monday, September 29, 2014

I Beat My Genetics: Courtney's Story

Hey Fit Fam ...

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice refreshing weekend! I am ready to kick off this beautiful new week and I am so excited to be starting a new #MotivationMonday series!

Last week I blogged about genetics. I encourage you to read the entry (click here) so you understand WHY I am doing this!!! You can ready my little personal "rant" about why the entire "genetic" excuse really ruffles my feathers, lol!

I've been asking for your stories on how you did not let your genetics "make you or break you".  Thanks to everyone that has sent your story so far -- but I need MORE in order for this to be something that lasts!! So if you have a great story about how your genetics could have been an excuse but you didn't let them be, or even how you are sick of people claiming your genetics are to credit for your results, please email me your story and pictures ---!

The very first "How I Beat My Bad Genetics" story is that from my Instagram friend and NPC Physique competitor Courtney English! Thanks for sending your story and pics Courtney! He is a great example of being bullied over his weight -- and not letting it BREAK him! By the way ... Courtney is the current Tennessee State Champion in the Physique category! It was great to share the stage with such a Champion!!!

Everyone please keep your stories coming so we can motivate others! #TeamNoExcuse

Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

Courtney's Story:

As a child, I battled weight problems and of course the unwanted jokes from my peers. It's something I battled until my high school years when the intensity of sports conditioning went next level through basketball and baseball! Once I graduated college, I knew personal training was the route for me! Helping those young and old reach fitness goals is where my passion lives, as well as, leading by example through keeping myself in great shape! Making the first step is the best step, and also the hardest step, but it's well worth it!

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