Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cheating .. It Does A Body Good :)

Hey Fit Fam ...

I have to travel a lot for my job. I know there are ways to travel and be healthy (maybe I'll blog about that soon) but there are a lot of challenges as well. Especially when you are in Mexico at an all inclusive resort, haha. But even when I'm not being pampered at a resort (this was a rare instance), we are often still treated to dinners and VIP rooms with limited food and of course .. drinks! That said .. my work trips are not usually your typical work trips!

When hotels have microwaves or good room service menus.. it makes things much easier, especially breakfast. Snacks aren't an issue .. I always take protein bars. It's lunch and dinner that can become a challenge for me. Especially when I am out in the field all day at festivals, concerts, etc. And let's not even talk about some of the hotel gyms. This last one I was in most recently had a few free weights, a few medicine balls and three treadmills. Don't get me wrong .. where there is a will there is a way! It just made it hard for a girl who loves her weights!

That said .. I've been worried about set backs in gains from my last trip. I tried my best, but it was hard because I was on the resort. I had no clue what the food was made with, the rice was white not brown, potatoes white not red or sweet, salad dressings were mostly creamy, etc. I did my best with what I had, but I certainly didn't eat clean and I certainly had some cheats (french fries, mexican food, rum & tequila too, haha). I should add that I did try to do some things to minimize the damage. When I had fries I had grilled ckn breast. When  I had breakfast I went for egg whites and fruit. I had a rum drink I didn't get the pre-made ones out of the machine. I had them use a fresh bananna, a small amount of the natural coconut cream and rum. I had tequila, sprite zero and a splash of OJ instead of premade margaritas with tons of juice and sweet and sour. Sure ... I may have sounded high maintenance, but it was the lesser of the evils!

I only went to the gym once. I was feeling bloated, lazy, weak and just rough from 5 flights. But when I got home ... I hit the gym anyway. The gym is about the only place that I try to observe my progress. The lighting is better and always the same each day. So I know I can go to one specific place in the gym and compare better. As I pulled up my shirt I didn't want to look. But the reflection in the mirror had me shocked. My abs were not only NOT gone (as I dramatically expected them to be) .. they had popped out a little bit more and I seemed a tad more lean than when I left a week before (when I was eating very clean, working out every day, etc).

I've read about bodybuilders taking long from the gym. Anywhere from one to two full weeks of NO GYM at all. Just resting fatigued and over worked muscles. I've heard about people having "re fuel" days where they have more carbs or more fat or both. I had no method what so ever when I was out of town. But dare I say... I may have benefitted from resting and eating not entirely clean?!?!?  I certainly don't think this is something everyone can get away with. I also don't think it's something that can be done often. But maybe because I do work so hard and I am so dedicated (minus a cheat once a week) .. maybe it did to my body good? Then again, maybe it was all that sunshine and sand too, haha!!
Either way... I enjoyed the #GymSelfie that I had my husband take today. ((However I am still super hesitant/shy/embarrassed to post this. I am NOT a selfie kinda girl. Especially these kind))

I rarely document with pictures (even though I know I should .. especially if I'm going to compete and blog) .. but I told my husband I needed to blog about this one! NOT to "show off", not to "show my abs, not to get you all to compliment me. I am doing it for this ONE REASON and this ONE REASON only.  We beat ourselves up so much when we get off track. We see this big whale looking back at us when we have a box of pizza. We feel like we will never get back to where we were after a vacation. We beat ourselves up after a night of drinking and waffle house. I wanted to post this to show ... so what?! Our bodies are bizarre creatures!! They are capable of amazing muscle memory and bouncing back .. IF WE TREAT THEM RIGHT MOST OF THE TIME!!!!

Now .. I'm not saying that you can go on a weeks vacation and eat what you want, skip the gym and enjoy poolside daquaries daily and not come back 10 pounds heavier. Before I worked out this hard I would go on vacation and totally notice a negative difference.

My point with this blog .... don't beat yourself up if you mess up. If you .. TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN. LIFT, LIFT, LIFT, LIFT ... Eat CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN 99% of the time ..  then that 1% you mess up .. okay let's say 5% ... it may not only go unnoticed .. but dare I say improve your physique! Sometimes!


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