Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keeping it ... Simple.

Hey Ya'll,

I have always struggled with "what to write about" on here. I bought this domain almost exactly 3 years ago, on my 30th birthday. I came up with the name, it was available and I always wanted to blog. I had intentions of really just making it personal. A place to vent, a place to free write, write about life experiences (mine or other peoples) and my thoughts about it all. The people that read it send me great feedback. I've even had people tell me they cried and re-read posts over and over again. The problem is, I run out of things to write about.

I've tried a few things since then. Just typical blog stuff. Like the pic a day, throw back Thursday, etc., but nothing that I love writing about so much that I stick with it.

As I paid the 40 bucks to renew my two blogs (I have a new one. It's all about my new marriage and married lady stuff), I started thinking about the name of my blog. It's SIMPLY STACY and the "tag line" is:  "Life is simple. We insist on making it complicated." So why not try to MAINLY write about ways to simply life in general. I do try to do this on a daily - I mean - don't we all?! From fashion, to decor, to food, fitness - I try to keep things easy.

The questions I get most (on facebook, twitter and email) center around fitness, gluten free/celiac, shopping, fashion, etc. SO why not!

I'm sure I can come up with a blog every other day that centers around "simplicity". I still want to throw in my quotes, random funny stuff, thoughts, advice - but try and just keep it - simple. Maybe that will help with my habit of rambling ... doubtful :)

Regardless, if I can think of enough content, it will be a good filler to keep me posting :)

Grace and peace to you,

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