Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A few boxes of memories - So much emotion

Hey Friends ...

In an attempt to be productive last night and start organizing our bonus room - I started going through a couple of boxes that were marked "Memories". These are boxes that have been in storage for over 3 years now, so opening them was such a treat. I had even forgotten about some of it, like THIS autograph from BETTY WHITE!!! Score!!!

There were lots of goodies in there. I had saved love notes that my now husband had written me when we first started dating and were long distance. I also had saved tons of his "bar notes", from back when I would come see him at work and all he would have time to do is write me a little something on a bar order sheet. I found letters and cards from my big sister, the first thing my niece ever drew for me, pictures of my fur babies as little BABIES, my nieces baby book full of pics of us,  handwritten notes from my late grandparents - one being the last birthday card my Granny sent me before she passed away the next year.  It was an emotional night to say the least.

There were also things in those boxes, parts of my past, that I wish I could erase. Things that made me honestly feel a little sick to my stomach. Physical memories of my first marriage, pictures from high school, even parts of college. But they are part of me and who I am. I guess that is why I feel this strange need to keep a few of those things that remind me of those horrible parts of my life. Maybe I want to keep them so I always have a reminder of where I came from, or maybe it's so I'll have a visual to go with stories I will one day tell my niece or kids of my own.

For the stuff that has made me a better person - all if it - I am grateful. But more than anything I am so grateful that I had the sense to hold on to some of this stuff. I am thinking about getting a tattoo of my grandmothers handwriting.  Either... Love you, Granny. Or .. May God Keep You Safe Always, Granny?

What do you all have tucked away that brings you happy tears?

Grace and peace to you,

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  1. My cousins did th tattoo thing for my granny. It also came from their birthday card and says, love always, Granny, in her handwriting. I think it is so sweet.