Thursday, September 1, 2011

If you had $100,000 dollars ....

Hey Friends ..

A little something got me thinking today. 

Right now in THIS very moment of your life, with your finances exactly the way they are. How much is One-Hundred-Thousand big ones worth to you?!?

Maybe you are rich and this is pocket change. Maybe you are poor and this would change your life. Maybe you are doing okay but this would be money you could use - for something.  So I'm asking - If you had $100,000 available to you tomorrow - that you were able to use - how would you use it? 

Would you - Go on a shopping spree? Travel? Pay off debt? Give some or all of it to charity? Give some or all of it to a family member and/or friend? Do some random good deeds?
Or maybe would you - blackmail someone? Try to ruin someones life? Try to damage someones reputation? Hurt someones career? Maybe even hurt someone physically?

It's a very sad thought, but there are actually people that would do those latter 5 things in a heartbeat. Not just people that have $100,000 laying around either. I know people that would actually take money out on things they have - to hurt someone.

Isn't it funny, isn't it?   People think money is power. But really the only power it has is to help get yourself a better seat in Heaven .... or hell!!

Just thinking. That's all.

Grace and peace to you,

** In case you are wondering what I would do**

I'm not rich and I'm not poor. God has given me way more than I could ever deserve, but I do have to work hard for anything I have in my life right now. Are their things I want and think I deserve - um you bet ya!! Do I need them - no!! So in saying all of that. If I had $100,000 - to use - NOT save. 

I would:   Buy myself and Doug some new items for our wardrobe. Some purchases may be extravagant and designer - some not.  I would give my sister the money she needs for the recent unexpected surgery my niece had.  I would use some to start a business idea that we have. I would pay for a destination wedding, so that we could fly some of our closest friends and family out to not only watch us get married - but have a nice R&R vacation themselves! I would go give some really extravagant tips to some of my favorite people in the service industry around town. If doable - buy a RedBox machine. Then if I had any money left I would give some here and there to people I know need it and maybe buy myself a new "used" car of some sort - so that I could give my car to my best friend - because his is falling apart and he looks way too tall for it too.

Wow - $100,000 could go a really long way! So sad to think someone would even attempt to use it for something malicious .. which if I had to bet would also be .. illegal. Just sayin. Just sayin.

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