Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Memories.... (challenge day 5)

Hey Friends,

Today's challenge is to post a pic of my favorite memory.

Well -- this sure is a challenge because my life is blessed with so many wonderful memories. I have favorites from all chapters of my life, so picking one would be pretty unfair.

Many of my favorite moments are also listed in the favorite "day" blog. Things like birthdays, holidays, meeting the ppl I love, buying my house, leaving for college, moving, my first real job, the first time I drove, etc.

But if I must choose ONE memory-- it's a cluster of memories.
The days I spent with my Granny Taylor are the most memorable.

This pic has my sister in it. My granny is holding me as a baby on the left. She is part of many wonderful memories.

From simple things like her "spot" in the living room, her favorite shows we'd watch and talk about, our long talks, her elaborate grocery lists coordinated by what store had which item on sale,her garden, her amazing cooking, sunday after church lunch, being awakened on a saturday mng to a knock on my door saying she made her famous biscuits and gravy. I could literally go on and on.

Then there are the more specific memories -- like walking in her house and seeing her for the first time after I'd been in a horrible car accident and in the hospital for a week. She had made alllll of my favorite foods and they were in containers in the fridge. And Holidays. Holidays are so vivid.

Thoughts of my granny. Being at her house...Being surrounded by her love are moments I reflect back on often. They are my favorite.

Grace and peace to you,

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