Saturday, March 19, 2011

Listen .... really listen.

Hey Friends ...

Earlier this week and then even again today I got a reminder of what an irresponsible idiot someone from my past is.

I'd love to go into a nice long rant about this. After all, this is my little itty bitty tiny slice of the internet.  I pay for it ... it's MINE. So I guess I could if I wanted to. However it's really just not necessary.  Plus it's funnier to make people wonder "Is she talking about me" -- haha!

Anyway, I should have been pretty ticked off about the situation in general, but instead I took the moment to be remind myself how very GRATEFUL I am to be out of such a horrible relationship/situation. It made me really say THANK YOU God for giving me the life and stable relationships that I have today.

I didn't want to write this just for the hell of it. I wanted to write it because maybe there is someone out there that needed to see this today??

If so .. I've got two pieces of advice that I hope you take from it.

One -- you know that feeling in your gut, the one that you get when ever you ask yourself "Should I really do this"? Yeah it's usually NEVER wrong.

Two -- when NUMEROUS things happen to keep you from getting something or someone you THINK you want, don't take that as a sign that life is failing you, take it as "Hmmm, maybe God is trying really hard to protect me from something and I"m just not listening". A lot of times things/people are worth the "trouble" or "fight", but if you really tune into what is happening to keep you from getting what you want, many times you may see that it's Gods work!! God is throwing speed bumps at you to really get you to talk to him about what you are doing first.

If and only if I would have listened to my gut and opened up my mind up to the possibility that certain "speed bumps" were happening to me for a reason .. I so would be in a different position than I have been for the past several years!

It's so much easier said than done.  I know. I was faced with it recently even. I really wanted something sooooo bad and all these ironic things kept keeping me from getting what I wanted.  I was pretty disappointed. I let myself be a cry baby for a day or two but I knew I had to look at it and say, "It's okay because obviously it's not in God's plan. He's protecting me from something".

Grace and Peace to you,

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  1. Excellent post, Stacy. I can totally relate and I completely agree with you. AMEN to all of that. Thank you for sharing!