Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let's get this party started

        It’s said that from simple beginnings come great things. If that’s true then I guess that means this is gonna be one heck of a blog :-)

        The concept behind my blog “Simply Stacy” ... is .. well .. simple! I want you to have a place to come everyday, or almost everyday, and find simple stuff to read and discuss. It may be a sarcastic remark, a sassy story, possibly a random fact or even just a picture. Either way, you will certainly find a lot of random thoughts and maybe even some serious subjects from time to time. One things for sure .. you will find a mixture of simple subjects ... usually not simply stated! (Ya see .. I like to ramble.) I also really want to hear from YOU. If you have something you think should be a thought .. send it to me and I’ll consider it!

        I’ve blogged for work in the past, but that was pretty much limited to “work stuff” and not always the most interesting or what I necessarily wanted to say. I’ve also kept journals on and off my entire life, but those are under lock and key :) For a while now I’ve said I wanted to start a blog ... I just didn’t know what in the world to write about. Finally I decided .. I don’t need to know what to write about. I’m going to write what I feel like writing. I do want to try to make this a positive experience. We have enough negative in our daily lives. While an occasional slip is okay ... we all have something to complain about from time to time ... I don’t want this to be a site for complaining :)

        I’m not sure what is going to come out of this .. who is going to read my words .. or how long I’ll last (I have a habit of having great ideas and never really end up putting them to their full potential). But I do know that I look forward to meeting new friends and fellow writers!

        Before I sign off for the day ... I do feel the need to add a disclaimer to my blog because people are so dang sensitive. Anything I say on here .. anything I refer to .. any subject matter .. etc .. is not related to my professional life. Please understand there is no direct correlation between this blog and my professional life other than the fact .. I am a writer.

Also .. please note that topics, discussions, issues, etc, on this blog may or may not be a personal experience ...therefore it’s probably not about YOU. It may be a story I overheard while sipping coffee at starbucks, it may be a friends problem or a strangers situation. Please don’t take my words seriously or frown upon any subjects I may or may not post on here. Life isn’t always roses ... so this blog may not always be either ... but I promise to always put a positive spin on any situation.

Grace and Peace to you,
Stacy :)