Wednesday, November 22, 2017

CBD Chocolate Collagen Coffee

Hey Fit Fam,

Three of my favorite things collide in today's recipe: Coffee + Collagen + CBD
(If you don't know why I love Collagen and CBD you can click on the hyper links above to see my blogs.)

I decided to add the brand new Chocolate PB Cured CBD Spice flavor and some Vital Proteins Dark Chocolate and Coconut Water Collagen Whey to my already delicious FROTHY GUT HEALTH COFFEE (featuring my favorite Vital Proteins product - Beef Gelatin) and OMG …. I DIE!

Basically it is a a dreamy frothy chocolate coffee but with the added benefits of COLLAGEN (gut health, joint health, hair/nail/skin miracle worker, etc.) and benefits of CBD (if ya don’t know .. click here and HERE.)

Here is what is in my cup….
** 20oz any coffee (any is fine but mocha
flavored adds some extra yum)

** 5g Vital Proteins Cocoa Collagen Whey

** 5-10g Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin (It is unflavored. This is what makes it FROTHY.)

** Cured Nutrition Chocolate PB Cured Spices (Code: STACY saves $ on any CURED product.)
(If you don't have the Beef Gelatin but have the Collagen Peptides you can substitute that. It does make it somewhat frothy but not nearly as frothy as if you use the Beef Gelatin. Also keep in mind GELATIN GELS in cold! So don't let your coffee get ice cold, don't do this with ICED coffee and rinse your blender with warm/hot water or you will have hard gel to scrub out, ha.)

What to do to make it ...
Pour everything (except CURED Spice) into a high speed blender and blend until frothy! That is it!! Sprinkle (or layer) the CURED Spice and enjoy! You can also use mixed the cured with everything else if you prefer! Keep in mind that the beef gelatin .. is a gelatin powder .. so it GELS when it comes in contact with COLD liquids! So you can't do this in an ICED coffee (unless it's a blended one and then it will work) .. if you try to do this and just mix it in cold coffee you will end up with coffee jello, haha!

One question I get A LOT is "How much Vital Proteins Collagen should I take each day"
The standard suggestion is 20g of Collagen a day. I tend to get in 20-40 pending the day and I don't do it from just ONE source. I use a VARIETY of products - Beef Gelatin and Collagen Powdered Bone Broth are my two staples. Then I rotate using the peptides, coffee creamer, collagen whey and beauty water! Another question I get is "Do you track the collagen" -- yes I do. Collagen is PROTEIN so you will use protein macros. Also some of these products have carb/fat macros. So just scan the barcode and plug it in as you would anything else!

As for how much CBD .. this is all a personal preference, depends on needs, if it’s for a specific medical condition, stress, etc. I use a “micro dose” several times a day. But feel free to use a a full tsp of the seasoning if you want all 15mg of CBD at once. Either way .. you do want to make sure you are getting enough with each dose! I prefer MICRO dosing all day through several different methods and products. I talk about this in my blog HEALED NOT HIGH and plan on doing a FULL blog on why YOU may want to micro-dose and what that means! Please check out these blogs! You must be careful when ordering CBD! Not all is equal, not all is pure and the word HEMP does NOT always mean  the product actually has CBD .. which is what you want!

For CURED orders you can use the code STACY to save money.

For Vital Proteins orders … I don’t have a discount code but I DO HAVE A LINK and I’d love it if you use it! CLICK HERE (or any of the product hyper links in my blogs) and it will take you straight to my affiliate page or product listed and if you have ANY questions about which VP products may be best for YOU .. email me!

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**Some products and links may be AFFILIATE links. Meaning I may or may not recieve commission or product as part of a sponsorship or affiliation with the company. But please know that any product I post about I use and stand by.**

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